Thursday, 9 September 2010

Nashville: A Night Out To Remember

Memories are just coming back to us now of Tuesday night's partying.

It started down on Nashville's Broadway, as we grabbed a juicy burger in Robert's Western World. The food was great, but the band not so, therefore we followed local advice and went a few doors up to Tootsie's, apparently the street's most famous and celebrated honky tonk. The band in there were great - cramped onto a tiny stage by the door, they played great covers ('Country Roads', 'Folsom Prison Blues', KoL's 'Use Somebody...) plus some of their own material. The singer playing his guitar behind his back was particularly cool...

We'd heard that the Whiskey Kitchen was a cool place to go to, so a quick taxi run there was called for. T-Bone and Ladbelly soon attracted the attentions of a local beauty - the two stags butting heads at the bar to sieze the conquest. It was T-Bone who finally relented, leaving Ladbelly to seal the deal. With one more member in tow, it was onto what would be our final destination - a real spit 'n' sawdust joint just out of downtown. 

Things had turned drastically from 'let's have a few drinks' to drunken ramblings and more shots than we can remember. The locals were friendly, inviting us to join their bar games - essentially throwing bean bags into holes! It was especially cool to hook up with half of Kings Of Leon here - the band were in their hometown briefly and were out for a well earned drinking break. We chatted with Caleb about our trip - where we'd been, who we'd met, and where we were going to. He seemed pretty envious - maybe we should have invited him along? 

It's probably best not to talk too much about the rest of the night, but the word 'messy' is an understatement. (Unless of course you are Ladbelly, in which case 'dirty' may be more appropriate...)

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