Monday, 6 September 2010


Forgot to tell you about the frolics on the freeway while heading out of Detroit...

Somewhere around 8 Mile Road we noticed the gas was running low in the car. BB Gunn said it'd last us the day. We asked him if he was sure, because trust us, you DON'T want to be stopping on 8 Mile...

Ten minutes later, en route to the airport, Ol' Bessie gave up on us. Cue Ladbelly, Muddy and BB walking up the freeway to the next gas station to fill up a canister...

Never did get to hear the end of BB's story about Van Halen.

PS writing this from a crackin' honky tonk on Broadway in Nashville where the band is playing The Doobie Brothers' 'Long Train Running'. I could SO live here!
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